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Golden Dragon Game

If it wasn’t for the 3 reels in this Microgaming title, you’d swear blind that Golden Dragon online casino game wasn’t a classic slot machine, and more akin to something like a video slot. The way it has been designed gives it a very scenic look, with the background filled with a cavern and a dragon sitting on a loot of gold. It’s very The Hobbit, but since when was that ever a problem. Golden Dragon is a classy classic slot and features a few perks and privileges not normally attributed to the genre.

How to play Golden Dragon slots online

Golden Dragon Online Casino GameGolden Dragon offers players 3 reels but a total of 5 paylines to play with. These paylines run not just across the screen, but the fourth and fifth lines also run diagonally across the reels too. Coin values range from $0.25 up to $5, and with a total of only 1 coin per line being permitted, it makes the min and max wagers in this slot extend from $0.25 up to $25.

There are a number of icons in this slot. Three of them are as simple as single, double and triple bar symbols, whilst two of them are more thematic in nature. The two icons which are designed specifically for this slot are the shield logo and the dragon itself, with the latter being a very important icon indeed.

Golden Dragon Bonus Features

The special feature in this slot is actually a wild symbol. That symbol is represented by the aforementioned dragon icon. When it is found on any active payline, it will substitute itself for any symbol that the player requires to complete a winning combination on a payline.

Golden Dragon slot Payouts

Golden Dragon offers fair payouts. For any 3 bar icons, the player can win 4 coins; whilst if they manage to line up 3 single bars on any active payline they will win an instant 10 coins for their troubles. Players can also pick up 40 coins for 3 double bar icons, and a total of 60 coins for 3 triple bar icons on a payline. Should they go one better and manage to line up 3 shield icons, they will win a total of 80 coins.

The Golden Dragon jackpot

Logo GameBecause of the five paylines, there are theoretically five jackpots to be won in this slot. As well as being a wild, the dragon icon is also the jackpot symbol. Just how much of a jackpot you win depends greatly on which payline the symbols are found.

For example, if you were to find all 3 of the symbols on the first payline, you’d receive a payout of 1,000 coins. This would be worth 1,500 coins on the second payline, and a total of 2,000 coins on the third payline. Finally, on the fourth and fifth paylines, players will receive the second highest and highest jackpots in the game. The fourth payline pays out 2,500 coins, and the fifth payline coughs up 5,000 coins for 3 of the dragon wild combinations on their lines.

Other notes on Golden Dragon

A lot of gamers will like this slot. It is very decorative and given that it is utilising a genre that has often been produced, as its theme, this one is actually quite a stand out title. The best part of this slot is that players won’t be charged extra rates for maximum wagers, due to their being wilds or extra paylines. The maximum wager is the same as in other classic slots that feature only one payline and no wilds. The total jackpot to be won if you have the maximum wager staked, is worth roughly $25,000 in real money.