Chiefs Fortune Game

Chiefs Fortune Slots Game

Chiefs Fortune is a Microgaming designed and developed classic slot machine game. This online slot has no progressive jackpot, and in fact, its jackpot is rather petite. The theme of this online casino game is of a Native American Indian chief. Despite its miniscule jackpot, there is a bonus game and wilds worked into its design, making it somewhat unique at the very least. The slot is also immensely cheap to play, which you expect from a classic slot machine game that offers a light top prize.

How to play Chiefs Fortune slots online

As with any classic slot machine game, the action lies on only 3 reels. Also, in true classic slot genre fashion, there is only a single payline to play with. However, wagers are cheap as chips, with coin values ranging from $1 to $3, and a total of 3 coins per spin being permitted. This means that Chiefs Fortune can be wagered on at its cheapest for $1 a game. At its most expensive, the slot will set players back $3 a go.

Playing on Mobile CasinoAs for the icons used in the slot, there is really no surprise to see that the single, double and triple bar icons have made their appearance here. A seven that is sort of blended with a Tomahawk is also present, while a Chiefs Fortune logo and the chief himself are also used as high paying and richly rewarding symbols in this classic slot. The scatter symbol is the magic arrow icon, but it doesn’t afford player payouts, instead it triggers a bonus round.

Chiefs Fortune Slot Bonus Features

The chief himself is the wild logo in this game. Whenever a chief wild icon appears, it will substitute itself for a logo a player needs to complete a payline. Another additional bonus feature is the bonus round. If a player collects 5 magic arrows (scatter symbols), they will trigger the bonus round.

This bonus round is pretty comical, and it begins with the chief in a semi-nude state. As a player spins the reels, four items of clothing will find their way onto the chief. Depending on what clothes the chief ends up wearing, payouts will be attributed. Many people have commented that the best payout is to have an American footballer’s helmet, naval officer’s jacket, pink boxer shorts and platform heels. You see, comedy is guaranteed.

Chiefs Fortune slot Payouts

The payouts in this online casino slot vary depending on whether the player has staked 1, 2 or 3 coins per spin. Any bars pay out so little it is hardly worth mentioning, whilst 3 single bars cough up 5, 10 or 15 coins. Double bars pay out 20, 40 or 60 coins, triple bars bay up 40, 80 or 120 coins, whilst 3 sevens will see players win either 80, 160 or 240 coins, depending on the amount of coins staked. 3 of the game’s logo will see players win 200, 400 or 600 coins per win.

The Chiefs Fortune jackpot

Any gamer seeking the chief’s treasure will need to make certain that they have three of the wild icon on their payline. Doing so with 1 coin staked will result in a 500 coin payout. 2 coins wagered and the wilds will see players win 1,000 coins, whilst a 2,000 coin jackpot if the prize for a 3 coin wager and 3 wilds on a payline.

Other notes on Chiefs Fortune

The total jackpot that can be won playing Chiefs Fortune in real money is $2,000. Yes, that is a small jackpot in comparison with some other Microgaming 3 reeled slots, but wagers are only $3 a go after all.

This game is golden for its hilarious bonus round, but as far as gameplay goes, there have been better. The use of wilds, multipliers, a bonus round and scatter symbols is commendable though. With this classic slot, you are either going to love it, or hate it.